BETAR was founded in 1973 as a Civil Engineering firm focused on foundation and structural design and studies of buildings and bridges. It has, since then, fostered innovation and developed creative solutions that answer to the ever growing challenges of the market, while keeping to its commitment to rise to the expectations of its clients.
A good example for this is given by the creation, in 1988, of an autonomous Bridge sector, to give response to the demand presented by the rapid expansion of the national highway network; or by the launching, in 1998, of BETARs Bridge Management System GOA®, which quickly became a market leader and is currently set up in all but a few of the state and privately owned road concession companies operating in Portugal.
In order to offer a wider range of civil engineering services, we also created, in 1997, a Hydraulics and Sanitation department.
Since 2000, following the general trend for the globalization of economies and the ensuing internationalization of Portuguese companies, a significant part of BETARs production has gone to projects and works in other countries, particularly in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. To ensure this, we have been working collaboratively with companies firmly established in those countries, founded in 2010 its affiliate company BETA, a Mozambican company dedicated to environmental studies, in 2012 established MzBetar as its sister company in Mozambique and in 2013, BTR.AO as its sister company in Luanda.
In 2009, sensing a greater demand for knowledge in the area of Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, BETAR acquired Geotest, a well-known company working in this field since 1979.
In order to offer a full range of engineering services, BETAR works collaboratively with its clients and with a wide range of specialists and collateral professions, coordinating their activities and developing fully integrated innovative, imaginative designs.
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