Noticias - 2013

KaTembe - Guebuza's Open Presidency

On the 16th September BETAR participated in President Guebuza's Open Presidency as designer and project coordinator of the greatest urban master plan to develop in Mozambique - KaTembe, a city for the future.

(lmore details of the project  in Publicações-> Brochuras-> KaTembe 2013.PDF)


Tiago Mendonça - BETAR Partner Manager - greets President Armando Emílio Guebuza, in Maputo.



A new challenge for KaTembe 


The development of KaTembe is already a fact!

The Group BETAR has coordinated the necessary projects and studies for the settlement of the new city.

The project for the execution of the bridge Maputo/KaTembe is guaranteed by contract and the plans for urbanization of the Municipal District KaTembe are already legalized after being approved by the County Administrative Court.



The Urban Master Plan is an inclusive project lied on balanced environmental, social and economical solutions, predicting approximately 4056 ha of urban ground and extensive areas for housing, commerce and services, industry & logistics, tourism, residential tourism, waterfront activities, nautical and rural zones.

The city is expected to grow for the next 30 years and to be prepared to welcome 400.000 inhabitants.

The global road project includes the new bridge connection over de Estuary, the highway Maputo/ KaTembe/ Ponta do Ouro (in South Africa border) and the upgrading of Bela Vista/ Boane road.

This is a mobilizing project in Mozambique and unique in Africa! It is the opportunity to build a new city from scratch with all necessary structures and equipments.

BETAR is actively involved in all urban and road projects as it is an unprecedented investment and reason for hope for all Mozambicans.