Noticias - 2013

2013 Constitution of BETAR Group companies in Angola and Mozambique

Betar has worked on Civil Engineering projects for the African continent since the nineties of last century. From the year 2000 Betar has intensified the offer of Project services first in Foundations and Structures and, more recently, in Hydraulic installations, Geology and Geotechnical services, through Geotest (a company of the Group) particularly in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde. Betar has also offered coordinating services to all engineering projects, through the establishment of partnerships with the most famous Special Installations Engineering Offices.

As a result of the amount of work requested in Angola and Mozambique over the last 10 years and of the need to promote local support to the developing of new projects and to technical assistance, the Group has expanded and opened two new companies: BTR.AO with headquarters in Luanda, Angola and MZ Betar with headquarters in Maputo, Mozambique.