BETAR Artes & Letras - 2010

What is Betar Artes&Letras

In September 2009 Betar invested in a different Project. By means of a selfless contribution to cultural activity, we decided to create a Guide that offers our employees a monthly selection of the best ideas for their leisure time. Musical events, movie opening nights, theatre, books and exhibitions, are among the offers included in this guide. With it we wish to give our contribution to culture and advertise what best is done in Portugal and abroad.

This guide specially created for our employees includes a suggestions area as well as interviews with the architects with whom we have worked for almost four decades.

Artes&Letras is for all of them. A cultural guide to keep them updated but mostly a means of thanking them for helping build the company that we are today.


Accept the challenge Betar Artes&Letras

With the desire to allow our employees to express their opinions, Artes&Letras is now a concept in expansion and is launching a new challenge to young architects and students.

The idea is for them to develop a new concept in a classical architectural Project or to develop a contemporary work.

Be daring and use your creativity to present a project for a well-known architect. Or you can send us a paper you would like to publish.

Artes&Letras will publish the papers.